The 3 Parties That Make Affiliate Marketing Go Round 


    Affiliate marketing is essentially comprised of a little love triangle. The three parties that make up this love triangle are the advertiser, the publisher and the consumer. Without one of these components, the other two would crash affiliate marketing would not succeed.
    In order to learn about these three separate parties and how they make affiliate marketing such a successful technique, read on below and decide if affiliate marketing is something you’re interested in.

The Advertiser
    In the world of affiliate marketing, the advertiser can be a company, or person, selling products of all sorts.  Often times you can find advertisers such as just cash, that let affiliates promote exclusive offers.They could be selling electronics, concert tickets, clothing, paintings or even car parts. The most important thing to remember is that the advertiser is the one with the product who is looking for others to help sell it.
    Many times, an advertiser has a product, but no platform to sell it on. Or, in some cases, the platform they have is poorly designed and does not promote very much traffic, in turn not promoting very many sales. 
      Advertisers are in need of another company, or person, to aid them in the selling of their product, hoping that this will allow them to reach an entirely new audience and gain traffic like they’ve yet to see. As an advertiser, it is important to remember that you must be willing to pay someone else to help sell your own product.

The Publisher
    As mentioned above, advertisers are in need of another company, or person, to help promote their products on other websites. Well, this company, or other person, is referred to as the publisher. They are the one who publishes content on their sites relating to the advertiser’s products and ultimately promotes them.
    It is vital that the publisher has a platform upon which they can promote another company’s products, otherwise they are essentially useless and not even a publisher. It is also important that their platform is popular and has lots of daily traffic—it’s a bonus if their site relates to the other company’s product being sold (i.e. an outdoorsy website promoting a company’s climbing and hiking equipment.)
    Nice for the publisher, they aren’t the ones who actually have to create the content that is being used, merely promote it upon their site. It is the advertisers job to provide the publisher with promotions in the form of links, banner or text ads or even specific phone numbers that will then be placed on the publisher’s site.

The Consumer
    Probably the most important party in this little love triangle that makes affiliate marketing a success is the consumer. It is the consumer who actually sees the ad and then makes a decision whether or not to act on it. If they decide to act (by clicking on the ad or submitting their information) they are then brought from the publisher’s website to the advertiser’s website—known as a conversion—in order to complete the action/buy the product. 
    It is the consumer who decides if all the time and effort spent by the advertiser and the publisher is worth it or not. They are the ones who the ads were designed for, who the advertiser is paying the publisher to connect with them, and who ultimately decides whether the affiliate marketing relationship is fulfilled or not. 
    Without the consumers, the advertisers and publishers accomplish nothing. Everything comes down to the consumers and how they react to the ads being promoted.