This Local Sex App Is Taking Over Boston

While apps like Tinder have become a household name and widely known as hookup apps, there are countless others others out there. And while some may be niche, some of them just have a slightly different take on things like Bumble. However, in Boston, people are signing up for this new app, and you wouldn’t ever guess it if you look up the most popular local sex apps.

The Biggest Hookup App In Boston

What is this app you might wonder? Well, if you live in Boston, I’m sure you’ve used it or heard of it from friends. Of course, we’re talking about Down — an adult-only dating app that’s available to everyone with an interest in casual relationships (or even more). What makes this particular platform so special though, is how easy it is to find exactly what you want within the site’s vast network.

You can filter by sexual orientation, gender, body type, race, age, etc., which means you never need to worry about scrolling through dozens of profiles looking for someone who meets your criteria before getting frustrated because they’re all too similar.

Not only do you get a wide range of options when browsing profiles but you also have plenty of search filters to make narrowing down potential matches easier than ever. If you don’t know anyone using the app yet, feel free to add yourself without any commitment required; after all, there isn’t really anything wrong with wanting something different every now and then!

Once you decide you’d like to connect with another user, you simply send them a message and wait for them to respond. Once they accept, you’ll be able to start chatting directly.

What Makes It Different?

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of what the app is actually all about, let’s move onto the real question: How does Down stack up against other hookup apps? Well, in terms of functionality, this platform comes out ahead due to its sheer amount of features compared to some others. Let me list just a few of those for you:

View photos and videos

All profiles come with at least a single photo and video so that the people behind them can show off exactly what they want. This includes full nudity (or even less), which makes Down different from many other adult dating platforms.

While being open about your sexuality doesn’t mean someone necessarily wants to take things further (it also shouldn’t hurt your chances if you’re someone who prefers discretion!), it definitely makes it much easier to get started, especially since communication takes place through text, or video if your prefer.

Search filters

Filters make finding potential partners super easy. One reason why Tinder has become so popular, aside from its cute design, is because the app allows for simple search filters that make it easy to find exactly who you’re looking for — regardless of gender, sexual preference, location, etc. The same applies here on Down as well, though with more options than we’d ever need!

You can choose whether or not you want male or female matches, plus filter by body type (thin, athletic, curvy, petite, chubby, thick). For those who are into threesomes or are seeking a relationship but are currently in between a casual fling and a long term partnership, there are additional checkboxes that will allow you to view users who are only interested in one-on-one hookups, one-on-two hookups, and couples.

Instant connections

Unlike Tinder, where you’re only matched up with people who swiped right on your profile, everyone on Down can start communicating with anyone else on the site immediately without having to wait around for the matchmaking algorithms to dole out your first match.

If you don’t happen to like any profiles that come your way, that’s okay too — it simply means that no one has gotten the chance to connect yet! So go ahead — give it a shot yourself! There’s really nothing stopping you from sending someone a message if you want something different from what they’ve already got going on at the moment.

The Bottom Line

Down isn’t necessarily trying to compete with Tinder (though it is very similar) because of how drastically different their target audiences are. But what this particular platform does offer is a far more streamlined experience when compared to most other dating sites.

Even though many might argue that using an adult dating app is kind of weird, let’s be honest here: Tinder doesn’t even have nudity in its default setting! Sure, you’ll still see plenty of photos showing off all sorts of naughty things, but those are always optional for each user; not the entire point of the app.

What Down also offers is much easier search functionality that makes finding exactly who you’re looking for much simpler than before. As long as you know what you want, then Down is a great choice for casual encounters that are 100% safe.